Electricity Generation Company (Malawi) Limited (EGENCO) says it is committed to increasing the power generation capacity of the country in order for Malawi to  achieve its national strategy, MW2063.

EGENCO’s CEO, William Liabunya said this during the launch of MW2063 popularisation campaigns in Chikhwawa on Friday, 27th August 2021.

“Electricity is essential for Malawi to go forward. We are doing everything possible for the company to be producing sufficient power for the achievement of MW2063. Our aim is to have a country with no blackouts.” Said Liabunya.

Liabunya further added that the Company is ready to lead in power generation for the country in a sector where there are emerging Independent Power Producers.

EGENCO CEO - William Liabunya
We will be Leaders in Power Generation – Liabunya

In his remarks, National Planning Commission (NPC) Director, Dr Thomas Munthali said development would be difficult without electricity. He stressed on the need for more investment in electricity generation in Malawi.

Munthali further said that MW2063 makes provision for investment in energy generation.

“We shall continue investing in the energy sector beyond hydro to alternative sources including solar, thermal and coal. Our aim is to reduce the current shortage in power generation that has led to frequent power outages affecting growth of mining and industry production.” Munthali Said.

NPC Director - Dr Thomas Munthali
Without electricity, development will be difficult – Munthali

MW2063 was launched in January 2021 replacing Malawi Vision 2020. It aims to build An Inclusively Wealthy and Self-reliant Nation.

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