Kapichira Power Station

Outage of Kapichira Power Station

Kapichira Power Station is currently not available for power generation due damages that it suffered as a result of Cyclone Ana which hit Malawi and most Southern African countries on 24th January 2022. We have embarked on an emergency power restoration project to restore power generation at the power station.

The Kapichira Hydro-electric Power Station is located at the Kapichira Falls, formerly known as the Livingstone Falls; named after the all-great Scottish Missionary, Dr. David Livingstone, who once passed through these falls

The Kapichira Power Station is in Chikwawa District and shares boundaries with Majete Game Park. The Power Station was first commissioned in the year 2000 with just two machines and each machine having an installed capacity of 32.4 MW.

In 2013 the station’s installed capacity was increased with additional two machines making a total of four machines with a total generation capacity of 129.6MW. The Facility comprises of a water reservoir with a capacity of 9.05 million cubic meters of which 3.5 million cubic meters is active storage at an elevation of 147m. The Water is conveyed to the machine turbines through a common headrace tunnel which is 550m long and 8.8m in diameter. The height difference between the Water Reservoir and the machines’ turbines is 54m.

Installed Capacity

Station Name No. Of Machines Capacity per Machine (MW) Total Capacity (MW) Status
Phase I 2 32.4 64.8 Not available
Phase II 2 32.4 64.8 Not available