Thermal Power Plants

EGENCO operates Diesel Power Plants that are used as standby or emergency power supply. They are also used to provide additional capacity during peak periods and for system voltage improvement.

20MW of diesel generation sets were installed at Mapanga, in Blantyre and 10MW was installed at Kanengo, in Lilongwe, in December 2019 while 6MW of diesel generation sets was installed at Luwinga, in Mzuzu, in January 2018. 1.8MW of diesel generators were also installed at Likoma and Chizumulu Islands in 2019.

Overall, EGENCO’s generation capacity from diesel generators is 53.2MW.


Station Name No. Of Machines Installed capacity (MW)
Mapanga 10 20
Luwinga 3 6
Kanengo Phase I 5 10
Kanengo Phase II 5 10
Lilongwe A 3 5.40
Likoma 2 1.168
Chizumulu 2 0.652