Tedzani Power Station

Tedzani Hydro Power Station is located on the Shire River, 7 Km downstream of Nkula Hydro Power stations. It comprises of three Power Stations: Tedzani I, Tedzani II and Tedzani III Hydro Power Stations. Tedzani I & II are housed in one Power House.

Tedzani I was commissioned in 1972, Tedzani II was commissioned in 1976 and Tedzani III was commissioned in 1995.

The total generation capacity is 102‬MW as detail below:

Station Name No. Of Machines Capacity per Machine Total Capacity (MW) Status
Tedzani I 2 10 20 Available
Tedzani II 2 10 20 Available
Tedzani III 2 31 62 Available
Tedzani IV 1 18 18 Under construction