Wovwe Power Station

Wovwe Power Station is located in Karonga District, 17km off Uliwa Trading Centre (along M1 road) to the West, in the Northern Region of Malawi. It is built on Wovwe river, upstream of Wovwe Rice Scheme and the catchment area of the river is in Nyika National Park.

The Power plant is a donation from Federal Republic of Germany government. The power station was commissioned in 1996.It is designed to either connect to the National Grid or operate on island (not connected to National Grid). When operated on off grid, it is capable of supplying power to Karonga and Chitipa Districts.The power station is made up of 3 Pelton Turbines with a total generation capacity of 4.5MW as detail below:

Installed Capacity

Station Name No. Of Machines Capacity per Machine (MW) Total Capacity (MW) Status
Wovwe 3 1.45 4.35 Available