The Electricity Generation Company (Malawi) Limited (EGENCO) has noted with great concern allegations published online and broadcast in some media houses that Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) is losing billions of Kwachas in a syndicate that involves ESCOM and EGENCO employees by reselling their allocated electricity units.

On the onset, EGENCO would like to categorically state that it does not condone any form of abuse of any privilege or benefit that an employee gets as part of their remuneration as a result of Employer and Employee relationship.

EGENCO would like to however state that the electricity units tokens that are given to its employees are paid for by the company. In other words, EGENCO buys electricity units from ESCOM to give to its employees. Therefore, the question of loss of revenue from these fully and duly paid for units does not arise. ESCOM is paid in cash every single month for the electricity that EGENCO and its employees use. ESCOM should therefore talk of revenue loss on electricity units given to their employees.

EGENCO has taken note of the concerns raised in the mentioned media reports and is investigating of such abuse of the electricity units that it buys from ESCOM for its employees. The public may wish to note that EGENCO does not have any system for issuing electricity tokens and have no control of the electricity token system and it is therefore the responsibility of ESCOM for any sales and reissuing of the electricity units.

We further wish to encourage all stakeholders concerned with matters relating to EGENCO to contact the Company for clarification on such matters.

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