Project Description

EGENCO, through the government of Malawi will develop and install three mini grids, one in each region of the country, as a corporate social responsibility initiative.

Gumulira in Mchinji has been identified as a site for a mini grid in the central region while Luwalika in Mangochi has been identified as a site for a mini grid in the southern region, and Kanjuchi in Mzimba will serve as a site for a mini grid for the Northern region.

So far, preparations for the Gumulira mini grid are at an advanced stage with land acquisition already finalized. A feasibility study is also underway and in its final stages.

On the other hand, land for project development for Kanjuchi and Luwalika has been identified and compensation assessments are being conducted by respective district land officers.

The mini-grids will increase access to electricity by supplying electricity to rural communications in Malawi that are not reachable by the national electricity grid.