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The Electricity Generation Company (Malawi) Limited (EGENCO) recently embarked on a project to divert a tributary that was depositing a lot of silt at the Tedzani intake pond. With the first heavy down pour at Tedzani and surrounding areas on Monday 19 November 2018, the river training project (diversion of the river) has proved to be a success. The silt, that ordinarily was destined for the Intake pond, was successfully diverted away downstream of the Tedzani Pond.

Commenting on the success of the project, EGENCO’s Chief Planning Engineer Archibald Kandoje said when they visited Tedzani Power Station during the heavy downpour, they witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of the newly constructed river training works.

“If it was not for the river training, all that silt would have made its way into the Tedzani reservoir. Money well spent,” Said Kandoje.

The project on dredging (removing of silt on the dam), expansion and river training (diverting a river that was bringing silt and trash at the pond) at Tedzani started in September 2017 and is expected to take 18 months. So far, the river training works have been completed and the expansion of the dam and dredging works are still on going.

The cost of the project is US$6,227,361.21.00 (about MK5 billion). It is expected that once the project is completed, the lost live storage capacity of the dam due to siltation will be reclaimed. The expansion of the dam and the reclaimed capacity means that EGENCO will be able to keep more water at the pond. This means that EGENCO will be able to run the machines at full capacity for longer hours during peak periods resulting in increased capacity available to the Single Buyer.

The expanded dam will also allow EGENCO to run the 19.5 MW Tedzani IV Hydropower Station which is currently under construction and hence increasing EGENCO’s energy generation capacity.

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